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I love the Green Hour idea. I'm calling mine "The Outdoor Hour." Really it takes all I have to get them outside for an hour a day. Sometimes we are just at home, sometimes a park or local garden.

Your blog looks great. It seems that you have figured out a lot already. I'm not sure how to create a page for just one topic like the Green Hour. I have posts like that where I'm trying to add but want it to look fresh each time.

Have you seen the 100 Speices Challenge? I think it would be a fun way to get outside and learn at the same time. My friend Sara is doing it at The Learning Umbrella. Here is a link to her most recent post.

The Wonder Years

Such pretty pictures. How fun to go to a nature class. I wonder if there's anything like that over by us.

The Green Hour is such a great site, isn't it? I really hope this year to work on planting more things outdoors with the girls.


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